Summer’s Here: How to Host a Pool Party on a  Budget

Summer’s Here: How to Host a Pool Party on a Budget

Summer’s Here: How to Host a Pool Party on a Budget

By Emily Graham

Pool parties are a hallmark of summertime fun. There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in the pool on a hot day. If you have a backyard swimming pool, you might also find yourself playing host to friends and family during the hot, humid days of summer. Lavish pool parties can be fun and might even offer health benefits, but if you’re splurging on parties, it can certainly put a dent in your finances. Winechillify assures you that these essential supplies will help you party all summer long on a budget.

Invest in Inexpensive Pool Toys

Pool toys are critical for any pool party. While children will want fun inner tubes, pool noodles, and squirt guns, adults will want lounge toys to float in the sun and enjoy the serenity a pool in the summer offers. Of course, if you don’t shop carefully, some pool toys can bring the cost of your pool party up significantly.

Though dollar stores are likely to have cheap toys, you want quality toys that will last you the entirety of the season. So, instead, you should shop the sales. Visit a store that carries good quality pool toys and find the sale items. This will help you pay less without sacrificing quality.

Choose Themed Decor from the Dollar Store

Half of any party is its décor. Whether your theme is a location, an animal, or even just a color, your décor should be cohesive. For example, if you decide to simply go with the color blue, you should have blue plates, blue streamers, and blue foods.

You want everything to look like it goes together and is part of the party. For décor that doesn’t break the bank, visit your local dollar store. Craft and party stores may seem like the logical place to go, but they often charge more than what you could find at the dollar store.

Consider Making Your Own Food

Foods that go with your theme will delight your guests and will be fun to make and eat. You could purchase premade foods for this purpose but will almost definitely spend more than you would if you prepared your own food. By preparing your own food, you can ensure that all treats match your theme.

If you are continuing the blue theme, you should invest in a bottle of blue food dye. You don’t need to dye everything, but use it with what makes sense. For foods that you don’t want to dye, you can simply serve them on a blue dish. Feel free to be creative and choose a theme of your own.

Skip the Alcohol

A pool is a legal liability and you have to be careful how you host visitors, because pool-related accidents are never 100% avoidable. A fun idea that helps limit alcohol intake if you do serve alcohol is to give out drink tickets. It gives the alcohol budget a reasonable ceiling and also gets the issue of drinking responsibly around the pool out there in the open so people can talk about it.

But don’t worry. You could always treat a few special guests who stick around longer to wine perfectly chilled in your Winechillify wine refrigerator.

Not only is skipping the alcohol going to save your wallet, but if yours is a work-related party, alcohol-free is usually the way to go. It’s possible to have a non-alcoholic party that is even more fun than one with alcohol. You can substitute alcoholic drinks for other fun drinks like a homemade blend of nonalcoholic punch. To keep with the theme, you can easily dye drinks.

If you want to be the designated summer party location, consider adding an outdoor kitchen, bar, or pergola to your yard. Outdoor kitchens can be amazing spaces for family time, too. Imagine dining al fresco on temperate summer evenings after everyone have had fun splashing in the pool. Be sure to also add an outdoor range hood to prevent everything from smelling like smoke after you finish grilling dinner.

Your entire family is sure to love this new space. And not only will your new outdoor kitchen add some convenience and aesthetic appeal, but it will also add to your home’s appraisal value when you eventually choose to sell.

Transition into Night

Don’t be surprised if your pool party guests stay late, into the heat of the night. You’ll want to add lights and color, with LEDs that will turn your pool into a swimmable disco dance floor. A portable waterproof bluetooth speaker can bring the right vibe.

If you’ve got kids present at your party, be careful about caffeine consumption as the day progresses. Some sodas are high in caffeine while others are low or even decaffeinated, but remember that sugar can also make it hard for kids to fall asleep, so choose your evening beverages wisely.

The perfect companion to a pool party at night is a fire. Fortunately, a fire pit can be set up in a day and you don’t have to make it permanent, though that’s not too hard either. We’ve been making fire pits long before we had hardware stores and Liquid Nails, but yours can look modern. You can add your own DIY flair.

Live Up the Summer Poolside

Celebrating the warm, beautiful summer months with a pool party is always fun. You get to enjoy the season’s sunny weather while spending time with your friends and family. Between the cool water, the sweet drinks, inventive décor, and homemade food, your party is bound to be a raging success even on a budget. Now all you need to do is go shopping and turn your plans into reality.

Image via Pexels